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About Us...

For decades, 902 Conestoga Road has been a staple in the Garrett Hill community. Its doors have welcomed families, friends, local residents, and college students for years. When Horace P. Jerky’s first opened for business in 1972, little did they know a rich history at this location was just beginning.

After the untimely demise of Horace P Jerky's in 1988, the small two-room bar was transformed into the restaurant and bar of the Wild Onion. A second level was added, and that second bar room in the basement was closed. Through the changes, the one upstairs bar room remained a community gathering place. Additionally, the new menu welcomed those wanting an enjoyable meal as well as an entertainment venue to socialize. The Wild Onion saw over a decade of guests which remained drawn to the building even after its transformation from Horace P Jerky’s.

In 2007, The Wild Onion was sold to an aspiring group of friends who wanted to continue the evolution to include entertainment for families with children, maintain the neighborhood corner bar gathering place this has always been and continue to serve quality food at the best prices served by a warm and friendly staff. The venue was renamed Flip & Bailey’s Bar and Grill after the owner’s dogs Flip and Bailey, who were a yellow and black Labrador Retriever. Both dogs would frequent the venue with their great personality and lovable nature. In 2011, both Flip & Bailey passed on but their memories remain. It is our pleasure to have you dining with us today and enjoying Flip & Bailey’s. Your feedback is always welcome at Info@flip&

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